Leslie Thomas Junior High

April 28th, 2022


• There is a tryout practice for track today after-school until 4:30pm.  Please meet at the Met Field after the bell.  If it is raining, practice tryout will be in the gym until 4pm.  Bring clothing that will keep you warm.

• There is a student leadership work meeting today at lunch to finish up work from yesterday.  Go to room 302 when classes are dismissed outside.

• Boys and Girls Basketball teams please turn in your jerseys this week to Mr. Hulshof. If they are not turned in by Friday, you will be charged $100 replacement fee. All badminton players please turn in your t-shirts to Mr. Hulshof

• Could Aislynn, Moriah, Duncan, Jordan, and Chase please meet Mme Isert in the gym after eating lunch today?  If you can't make it, please touch base with Mme Isert.

• Hey LT!  Next week will be Spirit Week here at LT.  Look for posters being put up today and listen to the announcements to find out about activities and theme days going on next week