Leslie Thomas Junior High

April 29th, 2022

• There is a tryout practice for track on Tuesday after-school until 4:30pm.  Please meet at the Met Field after the bell.  If it is raining, practice tryout will be in the gym until 4pm.

• Sorry, but there will be no crib club today. Keep practicing your 15 for 2’s at home.

• A huge congratulations to Aislynn and Moriah, who will be headed to Badminton Provincials tomorrow in Truro.  This is a great accomplishment!  Good luck!

• Anyone from the school badminton team who wants to join us at lunch to practice is welcome to join Mme Isert, Aislynn and Moriah in the gym after you eat.

• Badminton tourney will resume on Monday.

• Spirit Week here at LT is starting Monday!  To start things off, Monday’s theme is Monochromatic Monday!  That means wear all the same colour but different shades.  Other themes include Twin or Tie-dye, Star Wars, Throwback and pyjamas.  Get your theme clothing ready and listen to announcements for a few activities during lunch!