Leslie Thomas Junior High

May 3rd, Newsletter

Dear LT families, we have our May 2024.pdf newsletter. Our next dance is scheduled for next Thursday and SchoolCash will open soon to buy admission to the dance.

We have some new information regarding the School Lunch Program LTJH Lunch Program Information May 2024.pdf  and the Minister's Letter about the Lunch Program Student & Families May 1, 2024.pdf

As you see in the Minister’s letter attached to this email, phase one of the program will focus on pre-primary to elementary students. This is because a phased approach can help us get nutritious school lunches to students across the province, sooner, and research shows that nutritious meals have bigger mental and physical health benefits for younger students.

Given the program is starting with pre-primary and elementary students, I'm sharing our school does not qualify for the program in the initial phase.

I know you must have a lot more questions about this program and what future phases of the program might look like. I will be sure to update you once I learn more about when the program roll out will impact our school.

Take Care,
Derek Ferguson