Leslie Thomas Junior High

September 16th, 2022

• Cribbage club starts today! If you like to play crib or are interested in learning how, please go to Room 303 (Mme Mac’s room) after you eat at 12:20 and try not to get skunked.

• Soccer tryouts:
Tues and Thursday next week
Girls: 3:10pm -4:30pm
Boys: 3:10pm - 5pm
Please note the time difference

• LT clothing is now available to order. Check out the LT website for details. You choose the type of clothing, brand, and logo.

• On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday the qualifiers for the Gaga ball tournament will be begin. All students can join. If you win one game you qualify for the Royal Rumble style finals on Monday, Sept 26. Who will be crowned the Gaga ball champ?

• Intramurals start right after the gaga ball tourney. Tuesday Sept 27.