Leslie Thomas Junior High

May 6th, 2022


• The Omnikin tourney will be held on May 19 at SHJH. Tryouts will take place next week at lunch. Only 18 players will be selected.

• Intramural hockey next Monday at 4pm. This is the last game.

• The basketball players who did not pass in their basketball uniforms have been charged $100 please bring in your money this week.

• There are tryouts for all track and field events after-school on Tuesday until 4:30pm.  Only the top 4 athletes for each event will make the team.  Athletes can compete in a maximum of 6 events.  If you are not there for tryouts on Tuesday, there are no make-ups unless you have made plans with Mme Isert ahead of time for something important and unavoidable.  Ahead of time means before Tuesday.  Please meet at the Met Field after the bell. There will be practice on Thursday and Tuesday the 17th for those who make the team.

• Staff at LT will be playing volleyball against the boys and girls volleyball teams in the gym at lunch today after we eat.  Students are welcome to come watch as long as they are respectful spectators.  See you there!

• Crib club
If you do not want to see the Volleyball game where teachers will win once against the students, crib club will be happening in room 303 where the teachers will once again be the winners.