Leslie Thomas Junior High

April 11th, 2022

• Boys basketball games today at Sackville High, 4pm and 6pm. You should be at Sackville High 20 minutes before your game. If you do not have your yellow permission sheet turned in to Mr. Hulshof you cannot participate. There will be a boys basketball meeting at the start of lunch today.

• There is a badminton team practice after-school today in the gym.

• The badminton team will be at a tournament tomorrow starting at 8:30 at Lockview High. Badminton players must have paid their fee online and passed in your permission form to Mr. Hulshof to participate.

• Intramurals this week:
Grade 6 Monday
None on Tuesday
Grade 8 Wed

• Pizza will be sold Thursday. $5

• Intramural hockey Tuesday after school. The LT Lazers are up 1-0 over the LT Lions.

• LT Math Students have been participating in KnowledgeHook math challenges. Math Classes who had students complete a Half Mathalon (125 gold stars) will receive a banner for their classroom that those half mathalon students can sign and it can be displayed in each math class. We also have a number of students who have completed a Full Mathalon (250 gold stars). These students will all receive a medal.

 Lucas O'Brien, Aiden McCarthy, Matvii Semenov, Dean McLellan,Gage Hill, Riley Webb, Chaz Fraser and Jesstine Suewirotjanakun

• Congratulations to all the Mathalon winners. Keep doing those challenges as more medals will arrive in June. You need 125 gold stars for a Half Mathalon and 250 gold stars for a full Mathalon. Keep practicing!

• The girls’ washroom downstairs is not open.