Leslie Thomas Junior High

May 20th, 2022

• Girls Softball Tryouts Tuesday May 24 at Lunch in the Gym.  Bring Gloves.

• There will track practice on Tuesday after-school until 4:30pm at the Meet Field for all athletes who qualified for Regionals.  You will need a new permission form and there are additional race fees to pay.  Please come to practice to pick up your new paperwork.
There is a very quick meeting for all grade 6 track and field team members outside room 205 immediately following the announcements.
There is a short track and field meeting at the beginning of lunch today in room 204 for the following athletes: Milena, Zaila, Morgan, Grady.  You may bring your lunch if you wish.

• Yesterday it was a great day for LT Athletics…….
We swept many events at the County Track and Field Meet showing off our raw LT talent!  All of our athletes put it all out on the line!  Zaila, Milena, Èva, Morgan, Emem, Emma, Savannah, Raya, Madeline, Ava, Mia, Chloe, Grady, Sajan, Myles, Izaac, Duncan, Liam, Tony, Alex, Ethan, Parker, Taitym, Ronin and Wesley.  You all trained hard.
Emma, Milena and Zaila made it to the finals for the 100m and 200m sprints, showing off their speed down the track. 
Morgan showed off her long distance abilities by qualifying for the 800m, 1500, and 3k runs. 
Milena and Èva picked up a new sport this season jumping hurdles as they whizzed down the track.  Honorable mention to Savannah who just barely missed out of Regionals in hurdles.  Amazing to pick that up and be that fast in grade 6! 
Our LT 4x100m girls qualified for Regionals next week.  Emem filled in at the last minute to keep us in the game helping us squeak in by 7 one-hundredths of a second!  We couldn’t have qualified without her! 
Èva and Grady were leaping over the high jump like it was nothing and Zaila was blowing past everyone in the long jump and triple jump.
So many of our athletes just barely missed qualifying for finals showing off against the other 40 people in their events.  Emem was throwing the shot put and discus across the field.  Alex in discus put it all out there.  Izaac and Myles were close qualifying for hurdles and Izaac threw the javelin like a pro almost making it.  Great job everyone!

• The 5 Omnikin teams had a great tournament with 3 of 5 making the semis and the remaining 2 just missing out. In the semis LT1(Duncan, Zaila, Moria, Grady, Myles and Jack) and LT2 (Aislynn, Izaac, Sunny, Ellie, Anakin, and Wil) won their games and would face each other in the final. It was a battle and in the end LT2 defeated LT1 26-24. Congrats for winning the Omnikin Championship. Great sportsmanship by all players. LT never lost one sportsmanship point the whole tournament. l